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Millennium/Hyzerbomb Panzer - Base

Millennium/Hyzerbomb Panzer - Base

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The Hyzerbomb Base Panzer is a stable to slightly overstable putt and approach disc made with the original Tank mold in medium plastic. This was the first iteration of the Tank. The rim has a broad profile that grabs the chains upon impact and a comfortable extra wide patented Thumtrac grip. The Panzer holds a line when thrown into a headwind and is great for putting on windy days. Tank lovers who prefer firmness for more control with less effort, will fall in love with the Panzer. This disc golf putter is not as beginner friendly as the Soft Tank.

This firm putter blend has a grippy feel. Comparable to Millennium’s base plastic.

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  • Model: Hyzerbomb Base Panzer Hard
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