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Millennium/Hyzerbomb Tank - Recon - Nick Hyde Memorial 2017 - X-Out

Millennium/Hyzerbomb Tank - Recon - Nick Hyde Memorial 2017 - X-Out

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This Hyzerbomb Recon Tank X-Out was printed for the 2017 Nick Hyde Memorial fundraiser. These may have either a double stamp or some foil dropout.

The Hyzerbomb Recon Tank is a stable to slightly overstable putt and approach disc. It boasts a broad sided, chain blasting profile with an extra wide patented secure Thumtrac® grip. The rim is beefed up for a heavy duty feel that makes the disc 'hover-stop-drop'. Ideal for treacherous approach shots. Released with power, this disc golf putter will hold a straight line with very little glide giving you control on short to mid range shots. Not as good in the wind as the Panzer. Beginner friendly.

Speed 2, Glide 1, Turn 0, Fade 2

Recon plastic is the most durable and comparable to Millennium Quantum plastic.

X-Out (Factory Second) - These discs have small imperfections and are marked in ink with a small X in the center.

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