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Millennium Towel

Millennium Towel

Millennium Disc Golf Towels are high quality 100% cotton made of thick sheared velour terry with dobby border hem and screen printed with the Millennium Golf Discs logo.

If you're tired of your towel dragging on the ground and gathering stick-tights, we have a solution. We folded the 16" x 26" towel in half and placed a larger 3/8" grommet along the side of the towel near the fold. Must-have disc golf accessories!

Benefits of this side-grommet towel:

  • The towel won't drag on the ground because it doesn't hang down as far as corner and top grommet towels.
  • You have use of the whole towel as opposed to a tri-fold towel
  • The larger grommet allows the use a carabiner.

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