Delta-T "DT" Plastic Golf Discs

In precise time-keeping “Delta-T” is a measurement, and it’s also the name of Millennium’s new baseline plastic.   DT offers a super-firm feel, making it the most rigid of baseline plastics on the market.  Currently offered exclusively in our popular Omega molds, beginners and pros alike now have the ability to work-in a firm version of their favorite putter.  DT’s combination of grip, rigidity, and affordability is what makes it truly timeless.    

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Omega - DT
The Delta-T ("DT") Omega is a straight disc golf putter and approach disc with the essenti..
Omega 4 - DT Color Lunar - First Run
The Omega 4 is the newest rendition of the Omega Putter lineup. It's a putt & approach disc that..
Quasar - DT - Bottom Stamp - First Run
This is the First Run Millennium DT Bottom Stamp Quasar. The Millennium Delta-T "DT" Quasar is a ..
Quasar - DT - Double Stamp
These Millennium DT Quasars may have two, three or even four stamps! Some are double stamped on the ..
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