Quantum Plastic Golf Discs

Quantum plastic is our most durable plastic providing a long life of reliable performance.

It's also the most stable of all our plastics.

Quantum plastic offers a smooth solid feel and an eye-catching translucent appearance.

Some quantum plastics include 'Stardust' for a sparkly effect.

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Astra - Quantum
The Quantum Astra is an ultra long range driver that is considered straight to understable. Quantum ..
Aurora - Quantum 1.8
The Quantum Aurora 1.8 is a stable mid range driver with a very tiny micro bead on the bottom of the..
Aurora - Quantum 1.9
The Quantum Aurora 1.9 is a stable mid range driver and is possibly the truest flying disc ever made..
Aurora - Quantum Dyed (Early version)
The Quantum Dyed Aurora is a stable mid range driver and is possibly the truest flying disc ever mad..
Draco - Quantum Flat Top - First Run
Named after the dragon constellation in the northern sky, Millennium's "Draco" is a mighty and overs..
Draco - Quantum Lunar - Calvin Heimburg Limited Edition
Millennium’s “Draco” is a flat-topped, mighty and overstable distance driver that now dawns the name..
EXP-X - Quantum 1.2
The Millennium Quantum EXP-X 1.2 is an overstable long fairway driver. The EXP started as an experim..
HyzerBomb Marksman - Recon
The HyzerBomb Recon Marksman is a stable fairway driver. It is also HyzerBomb’s first straight flyer..
HyzerBomb MOAB - Recon Flat Top 1.3 - Metal Flake - Landon Knight Signature Series
The HyzerBomb Recon 1.3 Flat Top Metal Flake MOAB is an overstable fairway driver that high pow..
HyzerBomb Mortar - Recon
In stock again, run 1.5. Yellow or Green only. The HyzerBomb Recon Mortar is an overstable m..
HyzerBomb Veteran - Recon
The HyzerBomb Recon Veteran is a Long Fade fairway driver. It offers a stable, controllable flight p..
JLS - Quantum
The Quantum JLS is the most durable and offers more stability than other JLS variations. It is a Lon..
Omega - Quantum
The Quantum Omega is a putt and approach disc that flies straight. It is designed for total control,..
Orion LF - Quantum
The Quantum Orion LF(Long Fade) is a distance driver with moderate fade (overstabile). Off the tee i..
Orion LS - Quantum
The Quantum Orion LS (Long Straight) is a distance driver disc that flies straight (stable). Excelle..
Polaris LS - Quantum
The Quantum Polaris LS(Long Straight) is a long distance driver that is straight and is one of the s..
Quasar - Quantum
The Quantum Quasar is a speed 13 ultra long range driver built for strong throwers and shots needing..
Quasar - Quantum Zero-G
The Quantum Zero-G Quasar is a high speed ultra long range driver in ultra light weights that mainta..
Scorpius - Quantum
The Quantum Scorpius is a high speed ultra-long range fade driver. It is a step below our Quasar in ..
Scorpius - Quantum Zero-G
The Quantum Zero-G Scorpius is a high speed ultra-long range fade driver with thousands of tiny bubb..
Taurus - Quantum
The Millennium Quantum Taurus is a mid range driver that is overstable. It fits the perfect middle g..
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