Sirius Swirly Falcon - First Run

Philo Brathwaite Special Edition

Sirius Swirly Falcon - First Run
Sirius Swirly Falcon - First Run Sirius Swirly Falcon - First Run Sirius Swirly Falcon - First Run Sirius Swirly Falcon - First Run
Product Code: Millennium SE Sirius Swirly Falcon - Philo Brathwaite
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We're celebrating USDGC week with the release of Millennium's latest signature edition disc. Philo Brathwaite has been bagging the Sirius Falcon on tour this year, drawing the eye of commentators and competitors alike, and now, this special-edition Swirly Sirius Falcon is launching Philo and Millennium's signature series together. The Special Edition Swirly Sirius Falcon is available in limited quantities, and a portion of every sale goes directly to Philo. Colors are available in Blue, Gray, Green, and Purple.

The Falcon is a speed 13 distance driver that is stretching distances for all types of players. Philo has compared the flight of the Falcon to the line he took on his world-famous Albatross at Beaver State Fling.

The peregrine Falcon, namesake of a star in the Aquila constellation, is known as the fastest animal on earth when doing its signature hunting dive. At speed 13, this Falcon is also extremely fast! This disc is an ultra-long-range driver that will carve up fairways long and wide. The Falcon is similar to our popular Scorpius but faster with slightly less high-speed stability. A solid turn will launch the Falcon into a ground-eating glide that, when paired with its aerodynamic wing give this disc outstanding distance. The low speed fade is reminiscent of the Scorpius which makes this disc’s finish very dependable into all but the staunchest of headwinds.

Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn -2, Fade 2

  • PDGA Approved
  • Speed 13
  • Ultra Long-Range Driver

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