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Millennium Scorpius - Quantum Color Lunar 1.3 - Gregg Barsby Limited Edition

Millennium Scorpius - Quantum Color Lunar 1.3 - Gregg Barsby Limited Edition

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The Gregg Barsby Color Lunar Quantum Scorpius is back! This Limited Edition Tour Series collectible Scorp is Barsby-thrown and Barsby-approved. Originally spotted as "that stampless blue disc" at USDGC several years ago, this disc quickly found its way into Gregg's competitive bag and has since been all over the course and all over the World! This Tour Series Disc has a limited quantity so if you're thinking of getting one don't wait too long! A portion of every sale goes to the Champ. Hurry and get yours before they're gone and see why the Scorpius helped Gregg win the 2018 World Championships. Available in Blue or Orange only.

The Millennium Quantum Scorpius is a high speed, ultra-long range overstable distance driver. It is a step below the Quasar in terms of speed and fade, but will provide excellent distance and control for into-the-wind conditions. This disc golf driver is recommended for moderate-powerful throwers who need something with dependable fade and sustained glide.

Best for intermediate and advanced players, but suitable for beginners if using lighter weights.

Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 3

Quantum is a premium plastic with the most durability for a long life of reliable performance; smooth and solid feel with a translucent appearance.

Color Lunar comes in bright daytime shades and glows at night.

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