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Millennium Draco - Sirius Color Lunar Flat Top - USDGC 2023 Eagle

Millennium Draco - Sirius Color Lunar Flat Top - USDGC 2023 Eagle

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To celebrate the 25th Edition of the United States Disc Golf Championship in Rock Hill, SC we stamped up a limited number of the Millennium Sirius Color Lunar Flat Top Draco USDGC 2023 Eagle. You better be quick with the order button as they are going to go fast! Only available in 170-2g, in blue.

Named after the dragon constellation in the northern sky, Millennium's "Draco" is a mighty and overstable distance driver that fills a new space in the line. Similar in speed to our famous Orion LF, the Draco has less glide with a stronger and more sustained fade. Its combination of stability and speed give this disc a high degree of control and the power to fight headwinds for all skill levels and distance ranges. It is a "must have" for forehands, fade hyzers, thumbers and skip-shots. With a super flat top and resistance to off-axis torque, the Draco promotes a smooth, clean release that will carry the disc in a variety of shot styles. The Draco has become a new favorite in the Millennium line.

Speed 9, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 4

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