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Millennium/Hyzerbomb Marksman - Recon - X-Out

Millennium/Hyzerbomb Marksman - Recon - X-Out

This is a Hyzerbomb Recon Marksman X-Out. Available in Dark Purple only, 173-175g.

The Hyzerbomb Recon Marksman is a stable fairway driver and HyzerBomb’s first straight flyer. Designed for laser lines in the woods and still handle power in the open, it has a touch of turn with lots of glide and moderate fade at the end of flight. Great for touch sidearm players, the Marksman will stand up from a hyzer release to navigate tunnels and fly straight. This disc golf driver performs great for beginners to advanced players.

Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn -1, Fade 2

Recon plastic is the most durable and comparable to Millennium Quantum plastic.

X-Out (Factory Second) - These discs have small imperfections and are marked in ink with a small X in the center.

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  • Model: Hyzerbomb Recon Marksman - X-Out
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