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Millennium Falcon - Sirius Helio - Philo Brathwaite Limited Edition

Millennium Falcon - Sirius Helio - Philo Brathwaite Limited Edition

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This is the Millennium Sirius Helio Falcon - Philo Brathwaite Limited Edition.

The Millennium Sirius Helio Falcon is a stable high speed, ultra-long range distance driver. The Peregrine Falcon, namesake of a star in the Aquila constellation, is known as the fastest animal on earth when doing its signature hunting dive. At speed 13, the Millennium Sirius Falcon is also extremely fast! As an ultra-long-range driver, it carves up fairways long and wide. The Falcon is similar to the popular Scorpius but faster with slightly less high-speed stability. A solid turn launches the Falcon into a ground-eating glide that when paired with its aerodynamic wing, give it outstanding distance. The low speed fade is reminiscent of the Scorpius which makes this disc golf driver finish very dependably into all but the staunchest of headwinds.

Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn -2, Fade 2

Sirius Helio is a strikingly colorful, shimmery plastic blend that bursts from the center of the disc. The colorful outer rim and heliocentric appearance of the discs resemble the sun, or a distant star on the backdrop of a colorful galaxy.

What others have said:

“The Falcon is money for long straight tunnel shots.” - Philo Brathwaite

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